About GlobalSense

GlobalSense became a 501C3 non-profit organization in the United States in 2015 after six years of kids working together to make a difference in the world. It is youth driven, globally focused, and all activities are implemented in known local sites with local partners. 

GlobalSense targets three core areas that we believe require immediate and intensive support to maintain a healthy and sustainable planet: 
Animals and their Habitats
Children in Adversity
Renewable Energy

Maya and Asia Rinehart started GlobalSense as kids who believe that everyone needs to play a role in protecting our planet and ensuring that everyone has a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It is more than liking a post on Facebook. GlobalSense comes up with ways to combine local artistry and markets, new technology and common sense to produce positive change.


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Save the Tigers for the Holidays (2008)
Friends for Schools in Aswan (2009)
Give a Gift: Save the planet (2009)
Kids4Kids - Free the Donkeys (2010) 
Thai Elephant Conservation Project (2013)
Educational support for Nepali children (2013 - current)
Solar-Wind Hybrid Seaweed Dryer in Seriwe, East Lombok (2015)
Earthquake relief in Nepal (2015)
The Tanjung Harapan Wildlife Sanctuary in Kalimantan (2014 - current)