Animals and the Environment

GlobalSense began with the goal of saving a tiger for the holidays. 

Current Project

Tanjung Harapan Wildlife Sanctuary
The destruction of animal habitats and the environment is happening quickly. In Indonesia orangutan habitats are being destroyed and replaced by palm oil plantations at an alarming rate. In Sumatra and Kalimantan remaining Orangatans are shot on sight and their babies sold on the black markets because they eat the young palms and make the plantations unprofitable. It is hard to argue with these economic forces, so GlobalSense aims to secure as much remaining orangutan habitat as possible. Working with the Friends of the National Parks and Forests in Indonesia and villagers in Kalimantan GlobalSense is purchasing land so create the Tanjung Harapan Orangutan Sanctuary, which will be a locally owned research and wildlife sanctuary across the river from the national park. GlobalSense believes this is one of the only practical ways to save orangutan habitat today.